With over 30 years’ experience and an unrivalled in-house expert team, C3S is established as an international market leader across several built environment disciplines.

The main focus of the logo is the form of a shield, which signifies the defence and protection that C3S offers through its protection solutions. The cube or building block is reflective of the modular buildings, the protected building envelope and also the craftsmanship of the joinery process. The ‘C’ and ‘3’ from the brand’s name are also represented with 3 shapes combined to create the shield and also a subtle ‘C’ mirrored in the design.

For the main C3S brand, two shades of blue have been selected to reflect trust and protection.

In order to give some separation to the Joinery and Modular brands, we selected appropriate colours that compliment the original branding.

Jonny Delap © 2020
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